Back to the Forties

One of the most fascinating trends of the Forties is the changing role of women in society, and the way in which this change was mirrored in fashion. As women took over jobs held by men who were now at war, women’s fashion also changed to become more utilitarian and practical. Rationing and fabric shortages also played a part in this, but gone were the days of full skirts and luxurious fabrics. Styles became tailored, often military in inspiration, and were comfortable and unfussy for working in the fields or in factories.
The following Polyvore set, in my view, well represents this new utilitarian style- with, of course, the obligatory feminine accessories and red lipstick! Although they may have had new jobs making bombs and riveting Spitfires, the women of the Forties never ceased to make an effort on cultivating a feminine appearance!
Back to the Forties

Dorothy Perkins sweater

Burberry jacket

Carven wide leg pants
$160 –

Gold bracelet

Gold bracelet

Burberry scarve

Nars cosmetic
$33 –

Topshop nail polish
$11 –

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