Miniver Style

As many posts on this blog suggest, I absolutely love Forties fashion. I also love films set in the Forties, and Mrs. Miniver is one of my favourite films. Made in 1942, this film follows a stoic English family and the villagers they are acquainted with, as the Battle of Britain rages nearby. The story is, by now, a critically acclaimed classic; and I have enjoyed this cinematic masterpiece since I first watched it at around age 8. Today, on St. George’s Day, I was inspired to revisit the themes featured in the film- themes of remarkable determination and bravery exhibited by the British nation during World War II, and of the legendary British stiff upper lip. Everyone knows the phrase Keep Calm and Carry On- a statement which is inextricably linked with British culture, and which is perfectly demonstrated in Mrs. Miniver. The closing scene of the film is what inspired me most in creating this set- an incredibly poignant scene in which the vicar delivers a beautifully fortifying speech before the congregation joins in song amidst the ruins of their bomb-damaged church, as RAF fighters fly overhead to meet the enemy. This outfit is a representation of what one could wear to such a church service during the height of WWII; and I hope that it embodies the same stoicism that is so well illustrated in Mrs. Miniver.  Miniver Style


Miniver Style by adairjacobs on Polyvore

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