Nostalgic Spring

Finally, it feels like spring here in Ontario! The sun is shining, the wind is fresh and cool, and the blue sky is dotted with fluffy white clouds that make me think of flying, and, inevitably, World War II. But today I want to be sitting on the deck working on my novel instead of huddled inside at the computer, so I don’t want to take the time to make an elaborate WWII aviation post! Instead, I will use my omnipresent WWII inspiration to create a beautiful springtime 1940s outfit.Nostalgic Spring
The pastel blouse and tartan skirt are what define this outfit, and the thoughtfully appointed accessories like the blue Oxford shoes and claret doctor’s bag only serve to solidify the 1940s theme. A knitted cardigan protects against the occasionally chilly springtime breeze, and vintage-style jewellery fits the ’40s penchant for always looking one’s best. Red nail polish and lipstick, are, of course, required elements for a look of this vintage, and finish the outfit with flair. I can easily picture this outfit being worn 70 years ago by a young woman on her way to the shops, or out for a pleasant stroll in the English springtime sun!

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