Classic for Cannes

About two thousand miles away from me and across the Atlantic Ocean, a sunny city on the French Riviera called Cannes is holding a fabled and esteemed film festival. I enjoy following news of the Cannes Film Festival because of the fashion, not the films- I only tend to watch films once they’ve existed for two or three years! The following Polyvore set is one I created for Cannes; and of course, it is exceptionally 1940s in character. So far, Cannes 2014 has seen many beautiful red carpet outfits, but I would love to see more vintage-style looks. How can one go wrong with Old Hollywood? I chose a black sequinned dress as the foundation for this outfit, adding cohesion and drama through deep blue accessories. The classic red lipstick and nails add to the theme and also lend a pleasant contrast to the darker colours of the outfit. Two intricate gold bracelets add the perfect finishing touches, making this look undeniably ’40s yet still wearable and appropriate for the 21st century. For me, the Cannes Film Festival is synonymous with history, prestige, and the greatest films and fashion in the world. And what type of outfit better encompasses those points than one like this?Classic for Cannes



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