The Style of Hope and Glory

Football (or soccer to North Americans) is an inextricable part of the English identity. Although I am half English, I’m ashamed to say that I have not always been a fan of football. Even four years ago, I would have laughed dismissively at any mention of The Beautiful Game- somehow, I found it boring! For example, in 2010 (when the World Cup was held in South Africa), I remember seeing adverts and matches on TV and wondering why the world was making such a fuss. But in the past few years, I have really come to appreciate football, and have begun following it and watching it with great enthusiasm. My team is Arsenal and my country is England, and since England begins their World Cup play tonight, I figured this would be the ideal time to create a patriotic football fan’s outfit.The Style of Hope and Glory


This outfit utilizes a graphic England T-shirt as its most visible show of national support, but the entire colour scheme alludes to England as well. A bright red blazer paired with distressed jeans creates a trendy and relaxed vibe, making this outfit wearable nearly anywhere. Simple gold jewellery adds cohesion to the look, plus a further English touch thanks to the beautiful necklace. Black wedge sandals and a leather handbag don’t distract from the rest of the ensemble, and pieces from English brands like Victoria Beckham and Burberry ensure that this football fan’s outfit is stylish, current, and undeniably patriotic!
One does not have to look like every other person in the stadium- and wear the usual football shirt and scarf combo, perhaps with a flag or some face paint thrown in for good measure- just because one is attending a football match and wishing to support one’s team. Especially for women, football fashion choices are limited- but it only takes a little effort and ingenuity to create an outfit that will stand out, support one’s team and country, and look fashionable in and away from the stadium.

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