Wimbledon Wear

I love Wimbledon- it is always a highlight of the summer for me. Although basically everything about the prestigious tournament is great, one of my favourite features is the all-white dress code for competitors. I think it’s fantastic that Wimbledon adheres so faithfully to tradition; through its Royal patronage, old-fashioned grass surface, and white outfits. And of course, the tradition of strawberries and cream is also a high point!Wimbledon Wear
Wimbledon Wear by adairjacobs on Polyvore
This outfit was created with the spirit of Wimbledon in mind, and I believe it is the perfect spectator’s outfit. With a chic vintage feel (particularly from the pussy-bow blouse and stunning sunglasses) and a colour scheme of blue and white, the look is restrained yet distinctive. The pleated white midi skirt echoes the clothing of competitors, and references the all-white on-court dress code. A pale beige cardigan ensures that one will be comfortable even under the notorious London cloud cover, and minimalist sandals give the outfit a modern, dressy touch. A beautiful perforated leather handbag from Victoria Beckham adds some drama through its geometric pattern, and simple black and gold jewellery polishes the outfit without going overboard. The ensemble above celebrates all that is unique and traditional about Wimbledon, while offering wearable style for the present day.

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