Summer on the Steppe

Summertime is when I think about the Eastern Front most often; probably because the Soviet Union was invaded on the second day of summer, and many of the most significant battles on the Eastern Front occurred over the summer of 1941. And because WWII is always on my mind during summer, I find myself even more drawn in this season to military and ’40s fashions. I own an old Canadian Forces field shirt which I wear almost every day in the summer- although it’s not so much a fashion statement as a futile attempt to protect myself from the horrible chill of the air-conditioning! The following Polyvore set is easily something I would wear in the summertime, and which would remind me even more of the immense events of summers past.Summer on the Steppe
Beautiful muted green pieces are the foundation of this outfit, giving it a vintage military feel. However, soft pleats and draping (plus the charming lace top and exquisite gold jewellery) prevent a feeling of severity. A leather satchel and blood red nail polish are appropriately 1940s, and worn Oxfords add a final touch of period charm which also fulfills one of today’s most popular footwear trends.

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