Sitting in an English Garden: London 2009

This post is focused on photographs from 2009, but the content remains relevant today. England has always been a country of beautiful green fields and exquisitely curated gardens, whether these gardens are stately and formal fixtures of country houses or charming and relaxed patches of colour outside a timber-framed cottage. The climate of England is ideal for all manner of flowers and vegetation, with its general mildness and abundance of rain. I always feel calm and happy in a garden, and gardens always remind me of England. I hope you enjoy these photos of selected gardens and flowers from London!

Aerial of English Fields

The patchwork fields of England, in their varying colours of green and yellow

England is mild enough- at least in the south- to support the growth of palm trees. In 2009 I was obsessed with the allure of tropical locales, and so I was delighted to see palm trees growing in London!

Greenwich Palm Tree

Thanks to the cobalt blue awning and palm tree, this looks more like Greece than Greenwich!

London Fuschias

I loved the contrast of these fuschias against the ruggedness of the brick

Flowers Near Temple

Flowers and gardens are everywhere, even in the metropolis of London! This was taken in the City itself

One of the most restful and historic areas of London is the Temple area- populated during working hours by barristers and solicitors who frequent the nearby Royal Courts of Justice. The ancient Temple Church is a fixture of this area, and the architecture is wonderful. An especially charming spot is Fountain Court, which I discovered in 2009. The Court is home to Fountain Court Chambers, a high-profile set of barristers in the City.

Fountain Court

The tranquil centrepiece of Fountain Court

Garden near Fountain Court

Another fountain not far from Fountain Court

There are also many dedicated parks in London, many of which are known world-wide. Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, and Green Park are only a few of the most famous. I love Regent’s Park in particular- in 2009 I walked through it, and discovered its many beautiful water features, its plentiful wildlife, and stunning Queen Mary’s Gardens.

Queen Mary's Gardens

Queen Mary’s Gardens have a lovely, romantic atmosphere

Peach Rose Regent's

A splendid rose, with the colours of a soft summer sunset

White Rose Regent's

I was so impressed by the variety of roses in Queen Mary’s Gardens

It would be wonderful to live near Regent’s Park and use it for jogging or cycling- as many people did while I was there! There is so much to see that one would hardly need an iPod to keep oneself distracted!

Regent's Park Sculpture

An avian sculpture in one of Regent’s Park’s many water features

Coots Regent's

Two cuddly-looking coots

Pigeons Regent's

A flock of perky pigeons, ever hoping for some free food

Lilies and Palms Regent's

Traditional lilies and exotic palms are both at home in Regent’s Park

I also love the summertime flowerbeds in front of Buckingham Palace. Gracefully circling the road around the Victoria Memorial, these beds add a fabulous flash of colour and cheer to the pale stonework of the Palace.

Buck House Flowers

These flowerbeds are often filled with tulips in the spring

Perhaps my utmost favourite park or garden of London, though, is Kensington Gardens. Housing Kensington Palace, the Albert Memorial, and loads of green lawn suited to dog-walkers, I think this is the perfect park. I have many fond memories of playing with my brother at the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground; and of watching countless dogs bound with delight over the paths and grassy expanses. I often dream of how happy my own dog would be if he could ever visit this wonderful park!

Kensington from Royal Garden

The edge of Kensington Gardens and roofline of Kensington Palace, seen from the Royal Garden Hotel

See, the rain that London so often experiences is good for something- it gives life to all these gorgeous blooms and parks. If you’re ever tired in London and feel the need to sit down and rest, don’t simply sit in a coffee shop somewhere. Instead, bring your coffee into one of the many amazing parks and enjoy the world-class scenery!


2 thoughts on “Sitting in an English Garden: London 2009

  1. I love the photos and the post. But, I have to admit, I thought your title might mean that you are a Beatles fan, and I searched the post for some hint that you are the eggman…or maybe you are the walrus. LOL Eggman or not, great post!

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