Vintage Picnic

Summertime is a time for picnics; and picnics are often seen as an old-fashioned pursuit. Just picture a shiny old MG or Morgan motorcar with a wicker picnic basket strapped to the back- this image is one of yesteryear, but can still be appreciated today. I love picnics, and my family takes one or two a year. Unfortunately, we don’t have a suitably evocative Morgan or MG to drive us to the countryside- what a shame- but we do enjoy the appropriate British picnic favourites. Eton Mess, crisps, and delicate sandwiches are stuffed into a cooler and are enjoyed by all; even by my dog, who snatches the inevitable crumbs!Vintage Picnic
Vintage Picnic by adairjacobs on Polyvore
This Polyvore set captures the relaxed, old-fashioned spirit of the traditional picnic; through its pretty floral dress and ’40s vibe. Unique leather sandals, a satchel, and classic red makeup are perfect, adding a touch of class and style to this casual vintage look. With an outfit like this, I would want to picnic every day!

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