This week 100 years ago was the first week of World War I for the British Empire. 100 years ago, thousands of men were eagerly signing up to go to war, thinking that they would find glory and adventure in such a pursuit. However, this soon proved far from the truth, as we now know today. The world was unprepared for such widespread brutality and death as was found in WWI; with its stuttering machineguns, hulking tanks, noxious clouds of poison gas, and miles and miles of barbed wire and muddy trenches. To mark this sombre centenary, I have created the following Polyvore set, with the hope of representing the disconnect between early-war attitudes and the later awful realities.1914
1914 by adairjacobs on Polyvore
With this outfit, I chose to closely mirror the fashions of 1914. A classic blouse and floor-length skirt combo is reasonably indicative of the 1910s period, while the cloche, embellished purse, and lace-up booties are also authentic. Fancy crystal jewellery, a lace bolero, and the sumptuous skirt are luxurious choices, which serve to illustrate the pre-war affluence, freedom, and naivety of the British upper classes before the war. This is contrasted against symbolic colours of black and deep red- respectively representing the darkness which fell over the world in 1914, and the blood which stained the fields of Europe during the Great War.

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