London From a Bus

Everyone can picture a London double-decker bus- tall, red, and old-fashioned-looking. These buses have been a fixture of London streets for decades, shipping commuters and shoppers from place to place with speed and reliability. But nowadays, they are also available for exciting tours of the capital. Such a tour is ideal when one is stiff and possibly grouchy from the long flight to England, but only if the weather is fair- tour companies’ double-deckers are open to the elements!

Some tour companies allow “hop-on, hop-off” service, which is quite convenient. Most also provide commentary, usually available in several languages. But all take their patrons around the greatest parts of central London, showing off sights like the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Admiralty Arch, and Buckingham Palace. The following is a collection of photographs from May 2011, when I took one such bus tour through London.


The Haymarket Theatre has produced many notable plays over the years, such as works by William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde

Phone Boxes

There are lots of red phone boxes to see!

Admiralty Arch

The grandeur of Admiralty Arch

Nelson Monument Base

The steadfast lions that guard Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square

St. James's Palace

The subdued exterior of St. James’s Palace, birthplace of Queen Anne and Charles II of England


There are always roadworks somewhere in London!

The Dorchester

Holding a very prestigious address on Park Lane in Mayfair, The Dorchester is one of London’s most exclusive hotels

London Architecture

A double-decker bus allows one to notice all sorts of fascinating details not easily visible at street level

The Thames

The Thames; my tour bus went back and forth over the river several times

The Eye

People riding the London Eye were the only ones with a better view than mine!

Big Ben

Big Ben is stunning in the sunshine

Westminster Hippies

Westminster’s resident protestors

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, from the side



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