There are many things I dream of on a daily basis, and most of them involve Britain in some way. When I’m hungry, I dream of British food like fish and chips or Victoria sponge; when I’m bored, I dream of the bustle of London streets or the enveloping tranquility of the English countryside. When I’m restless, I often dream of driving a Rolls-Royce or vintage Jaguar along winding country lanes; and this image was the inspiration for my latest Polyvore creation.Touring
Touring by adairjacobs on Polyvore
History has such an allure for me, through its fashion, ideals, and traditions. In this Polyvore set, I created an outfit that would perfectly complement the style and exclusivity of a vintage motor like a Rolls-Royce; but that also contains practical elements that will stand up to the wind and chill one encounters on a spirited drive. Rich green is an enlivening companion to the demure black of the dress and Burberry sandals- and as it is a hue akin to British racing green, it is quite appropriate for a ride in an historic British automobile. Gold jewellery adds interest, while red nail polish and a mink fur jacket solidify the vintage feel of this look. Although they may only be dreams for now, I adore the class and historical appeal of this ensemble and the pursuit for which it was designed.

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