A Forties Farewell

Rail travel featured heavily in the lives of people in 1940s Britain. Cars were rare compared to today, so many journeys were made on trains. Thus, train stations all over Britain became hubs where soldiers and civilians alike began or ended their travels- just imagine how many photographs and films exist which depict London children and new army recruits piling onto a train. It was at a train station, on the steam-covered platform, that children said goodbye to their parents; young men bid final farewells to their families and sweethearts; and people weary with the memory of the First World War embarked in search of new work for a new war. Train stations of the ’40s must have seen both great joy and great sadness, and they hold an intriguing allure for me. The following Polyvore set was designed with typical ’40s sensibility for a rail journey, and it possesses nostalgia and sobriety well suited to the occasion. A Forties Farewell
A silk top with a black collar is elegant and functional when paired with a long pleated skirt and peep-toe heels. The simple, raspberry-coloured hat adds a level of sophistication plus a beautiful contrast with the deep blue of the skirt, and pearl and floral jewellery adds femininity and individuality to the ensemble. Dark red nail polish finishes the look, and what travelling outfit would be complete without a vintage-look suitcase?

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