Wartime Wonder

One of the greatest historical triumphs of the British people was their perseverance through the trials of World War II. For example, Londoners continued to go about their daily lives throughout the disruptive Blitz. People learned to make the best of things and to “keep calm and carry on” in the face of terrifying situations and against frightening odds. I think that the omnipresent threat of death during WWII made people appreciate life even more, which was great if not easy to do. The following Polyvore set was designed for a 1940s dance- since free time and leave for soldiers was infrequent, young people had to enjoy whatever happy times they had.Wartime Wonder
Wartime Wonder by adairjacobs on Polyvore
The green dress is perfectly ’40s, and would be sure to turn heads. Understated yet beautiful jewellery is in keeping with the era, and red lipstick and nail polish are necessary components of any wartime look. A vintage black handbag adds style and practicality, and shoes adorned with cutout details and bows are charming and wonderful for dancing! An ensemble like this truly embodies the stoic spirit of wartime Britain; and reminds me that even in times of trouble there are things to enjoy and be grateful for.

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