Aquascutum for Autumn

One of the best things about the onset of autumn is the fact that the bright, brash colours of summer are eschewed in favour of deeper, darker tones. Since the colours of 1940s fashion were almost always either muted or dark and dramatic (think sage green, steel blue, and burgundy), this shift makes me very happy! Throughout the year, even at the height of summer, I find myself wearing colours like claret and army green rather than the hot pinks and turquoises worn by others. The following Polyvore set represents many of my favourite things; ’40s style, darker colours, and not least of all, an Aquascutum coat. I love the history and classic style of the Aquascutum brand, and its designs are exactly in line with my own preferences and personal style.Aquascutum for Autumn
In this set, the black Aquascutum rain coat provides a timeless anchor for the outfit; added to by the cohesive black handbag and sensible Oxford shoes. Intricate gold jewellery and rich red nail polish are enlivening accents to the simplicity of the separates, and a gorgeous Hermes scarf provides a touch of luxury and autumnal colour. Not to be presumptuous, but I love absolutely everything about this ensemble. Now, if I could only afford some Hermes or Aquascutum…

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