Aviator Chic

In recent years, the military trend has seen great popularity all over the world. Olive drab and khaki are seen in many a jacket and cargo pant nowadays, and classic military tailoring has also made a comeback. Leather combat boots are sold in droves at every store, and the tough military look has become a favourite of many people. But military style does not have to be solely inspired by the army– the air force and navy also have distinctive and appealing uniforms which would add much to the fashion of today.Aviator Chic
Aviator Chic by adairjacobs on Polyvore
This Polyvore set is inspired by vintage RAF uniforms; the pilots of the Battle of Britain always looked so smart in their grey-blue dress uniforms! But this outfit also combines minimalist, modern touches, and other details which add to its aviator theme. The blue blouse is reminiscent of a commercial pilot’s uniform, while the classic neckscarf is similar to those worn by flight attendants during the Golden Age of Air Travel. The satchel, tailored pants, military boots, and Timex watch are subdued pieces which allow the rest of the outfit to shine- namely, the beautiful coat, aviators (of course!), and airplane charm bracelet. Finally, fantastic gold earrings with a shape akin to spinning propellers add a final touch of authentic charm to this look. I appreciate air force style just as much as I do army style- and I hope that upon seeing this outfit, you will too!

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