A Regal Reception

Buckingham Palace, as well as the royal residences of Windsor Castle and Holyroodhouse, holds several receptions each year. These receptions are hosted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and are often held to recognize achievements or to mark state visits. I greatly admire Her Majesty for her dignity, composure, and dedication to her duty; and I’ve always dreamed of someday attending one of her receptions or garden parties. If I were to ever attend a reception at the Palace, I think I would have to wear an outfit inspired by the ’40s. The following Polyvore set would do nicely for such an event!A Regal Reception
An exquisite black lace dress from the ’40s is both stylish and appropriate for an event hosted by royalty, and the antique jewellery adds to the vintage vibe. The jewellery also mirrors the extensive gilding of the interiors of Buckingham Palace, so the wearer would not look out of place! A lace handbag gives continuity to the outfit, and contrasts well with the gold shawl and delicate champagne shoes. Finally, deep red Burberry nail polish finishes this look with glamour and a reverent nod to the best that the Kingdom has to offer.

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