Grand Prix Glamour

Formula One is one of my favourite things in the world. Even though I’ve only followed it for five years, I’ve always loved cars; so it makes sense that I would be enthralled by the most elite class of auto racing on the planet. Not only is Formula One racing exciting because of the awe-inspiring on-track battles, I find the technology behind the cars and the intricacy of F1 strategy fascinating as well. I am eagerly awaiting the (as-yet undetermined) day when I will attend a Grand Prix weekend and marvel at those amazing machines and the skill of the world-class drivers who pilot them. And of course,  attending an F1 race would require a first-rate outfit as well- that is the focus of this post!Grand Prix Glamour
With this Polyvore ensemble, I endeavoured to create a look both glamorous and slightly edgy, thanks to luxurious touches and modern trends. A leather jacket from Burberry is a nod to motorsport, and the patterned scarf is reminiscent of the checkered flag which awaits drivers at the end of every F1 race. Simple separates (in this case, an on-trend army green shirt and faded grey jeans) give a relaxed vibe that is contrasted by the gorgeous vintage-look gold and crystal jewellery. A minimalist white satchel and perennially-cool aviator sunglasses add further sophistication; while the chunky heels of the tall leather boots are practical enough for navigating the trackside grandstands without sacrificing style. Lastly, the striking red nail polish adds class and timeless appeal to this look. However, despite what the colour may suggest, it is not a show of support for Ferrari- McLaren Mercedes is my team of choice!!

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