Fifties Floral

Most (well, maybe “all” would be more accurate) of my fashion posts involve either the ’40s or World War II in some way. So this is a departure, as this post features an outfit obviously inspired by the 1950s! In general, ’50s fashion seems decadent to me and doesn’t have the same appeal that ’40s fashion does. Although these two decades do have similarities in their styles, I much prefer the tailored and utilitarian shapes of wartime fashion and the deep, dramatic colours that go along with them. However, this ’50s post is significant because it is inspired by my maternal grandmother.
Fifties Floral
Fifties Floral by adairjacobs on Polyvore
My grandma got married in the ’50s, and I’ve always found it neat to see her in photographs from that decade. And my mum often tells me how she remembers her mum wearing the pearls and pretty dresses which were so popular during the ’50s. Although I don’t think she would have worn something as extravagant as this particular outfit, my grandmother very much inspired me to write this post. I could see her wearing a charming floral dress like the one above, and the smart jacket also seems perfect for her. The sunglasses are very similar to glasses I’ve seen on her in old photographs, and of course pearls were worn by everyone in the ’50s! I’m so grateful for my grandmother- she has such kindness and patience, and evidently she is a worthy fashion icon as well! It is from her that most of my collection of vintage jewellery comes, and although the ’50s aren’t my favourite decade, they are special because of her.

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