Red October

Autumn is probably one of the most enjoyable seasons when it comes to dressing. Rich colours, sumptuous textures, and lots of pattern are all in fashion; and one isn’t yet burdened by the heavy, puffy coats and non-slip boots required by winter’s wrath. The following outfit is one designed especially for autumn, and it encapsulates the season’s warmth and beauty.Red October
Red October by adairjacobs on Polyvore
In an homage to the name Red October, this look is defined by a gorgeous Altuzarra jacket- akin to those worn by submarine captains- in a wonderful shade of red. Muted olive-coloured pants and a brown suede bag echo the colours of autumn, and the unique Alexander McQueen acorn jewellery is another nod to the season. This look also demonstrates the ease with which vintage pieces can be incorporated into a thoroughly modern outfit: for example, the ankle booties add the appeal of both military and vintage style, and give an edge to the ensemble which is balanced by the luxurious fox fur scarf. The faux-tortoiseshell sunglasses and red nail polish are also great retro additions to this outfit, which is surely the perfect way to celebrate the last week of October!

8 thoughts on “Red October

  1. This outfit certainly has the “WOW” factor. Anyone wearing it would be sure to get lots of admiring second looks. Spectacular!

  2. Not a major fashion expert myself, but I would say that combination would look stunning and very autumnal. The combination of the brown jeans and red jacket in particular look good – and thats from a man!

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