The Modern Mariner

One fun thing about being familiar with fashions of the past is that one can then easily manipulate them to make them modern. Looks which really aren’t anything new can be made to appear fresh and innovative to modern eyes; and past trends have so much to offer in the present! Classic, ladylike silhouettes of the 1940s and ’50s are in high demand when it comes to blazers and jackets, and the ’70s have recently enjoyed a resurgence as well. (Whether that last trend is actually a good thing remains a matter of opinion, however!) But with this post, I am going even farther back- back to the very early 19th century, and the time of Nelson, Napoleon, and adventure on the high seas!The Modern Mariner
A twist on the traditional 19th-century Royal Navy officer’s uniform is the base of this look. A vintage double-breasted jacket, layered atop a Marc Jacobs top, mirrors the jacket, shirt, and necktie combo worn in the 19th-century. However, the effect is modernized with skinny white jeans and trendy leather booties. A simple brown handbag and modern black sunglasses don’t distract from other, more definitive touches like the pearl jewellery and patriotic Union Jack scarf. And of course, I couldn’t resist including the very appropriate “Royal Navy” nail polish from Butter London! It’s a challenge to take such an antique and specific look and make it new and attractive to 21st-century people. But I hope I have succeeded with this Royal Navy-inspired set!

2 thoughts on “The Modern Mariner

  1. Another option for the Union Jack scarf could be one sporting an albatross! Once again, I love your nautical theme. It never gets old!!!

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