Monochrome Mastery

The onset of winter makes me think of a world in monochrome- it won’t be long before every building, car, and unsuspecting pedestrian in my part of the world is covered in a blanket of bright white snow. This monochromatic colour palette inspired my latest Polyvore set. As my readers know, I love 1940s style; and since streamlined, monochromatic outfits are very chic and modern, I thought that a monochromatic theme would be a fantastic way to put a modern twist on a vintage outfit.Monochrome Mastery
No, this look is not strictly monochromatic- but I felt that beige shoes and camel separates and nude nail polish would make for quite a drab and unappealing result, which would flatter no-one! Thus, while I limited myself to a tan palette for the clothing, I chose an intense burgundy for the accessories which brings contrast and historical authenticity. Tailored beige trousers and a pleated blouse are a great ’40s style combination, and the double-breasted coat with a coyote collar adds cold-weather practicality. A leather Mulberry handbag and burgundy hat give this outfit lady-like polish, and vintage-inspired Christian Louboutin pumps continue the theme of feminine ’40s style. The jewellery, while minimal, adds a perfect touch of elegance; and a finishing touch of vintage sophistication is contributed by the deep red lipstick and nail polish. This outfit would bring a welcome touch of warmth and style to the winter wonderland that is on its way!

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