Party Season

Believe it or not, the holiday party season is upon us. I’m caught off guard every single year when, in early November, I hear of upcoming Christmas parties at my parents’ workplaces. The announcement of these parties is always what draws me into the Christmas season. Funnily enough, I’ve never actually been to a Christmas party myself- back when I had a normal job, hockey always seemed to get in the way- but were I to attend a party, I would love to wear the following.Party Season
Party Season by adairjacobs on Polyvore
In my view, it’s hard to be overdressed, so I spared no luxury for this outfit. The world is not only a stage, it’s also a runway! This look uses classic 1940s staples like a fur coat and flattering, fitted dress to create a wonderful vintage vibe that is also very dressy for the modern world. An exquisitely-detailed clutch adds pattern and appeals to today’s taste for bold, graphic accessories. Sensible green pumps are demure enough to agree with the ’40s theme, and they also draw out the emerald tones of the jewellery. Red lipstick and nail polish give this outfit a final dash of period style and ensure that the wearer will be timelessly fashionable. Although it includes the customary “little black dress”, there’s nothing ordinary about this party outfit; and it would surely be the talk of many Christmas parties to come.

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