Coming Soon: My Debut Novel!

December 2011 to July 2012 was a special time for me- it was then that I wrote my first full-length novel. In the many long months since then, I’ve continued to write and edit and study, all with the intention of publishing this novel and officially beginning my career as a writer. It has been a convoluted and arduous process, but the time is now near! Exactly two weeks from today, on December 5, my novel will be published!

ACAO Icon Cover

This is the cover of my novel- designed and executed (over about one whole year) by me. Thank goodness for Photoshop!! Image of TT-30 pistol attributed to SONY at ru.wikipedia, CC-BY-SA 2.5. Image of Vladimirskaya icon from, public domain

Here is a synopsis of my novel:

A quiet student, Galina Kazimirova has always loved books and art; and she takes great pleasure in her plan to devote her life to studying these subjects. But it is mid-1941, and German invaders are quickly advancing into Galya’s homeland. They threaten not only the entire Soviet population, but also objects of historic value- specifically, a priceless icon of the Russian Orthodox Church. To her surprise, Galya is commissioned to retrieve the icon and return it to the safety of Moscow. Will she prevail, or will she be beaten to the icon by the hardened German commander who seeks it for himself? Amidst the terror and chaos of the Eastern Front- far from the peaceful, familiar halls of her university- Galya must find great selflessness and courage; and accept whatever sacrifices are necessary in her mission.

Those of you familiar with my blog will already know of my fascination with the Eastern Front, so you probably won’t be surprised that my novel deals with the same! You can expect historical accuracy coupled with suspense and excitement from A Calling Above Oneself; as well as an honest account of the effects of war and sacrifice. The book is appropriate for anyone 12 years old or over (after all, this is a novel about war), and will be especially enjoyed by those interested in military history or WWII. I am so excited to share this story with the world, even though such blatant self-promotion feels very unnatural to me!

A Calling Above Oneself will be available as an e-book from Kobo; however, you don’t need an e-reader to purchase and read it! Anyone with a computer, tablet, or smartphone will be able to enjoy it after downloading a free Kobo reading app! Once my book has been launched, I’ll add links to where it can be purchased to my official Facebook page as well as this blog.

I am absolutely thrilled to now be so close to making A Calling Above Oneself public! As I said, publishing it has not been the easiest or quickest thing I’ve ever undertaken, but it will be amazing once it is out there and available to all who are interested. I wouldn’t say I have exceptionally high hopes- I doubt I’ll become a millionaire thanks to this book, as much as I’d like that- but I take pride in this novel, its characters, and its message. I hope that you will consider taking a look at it, if you’re interested!

Finally, I’d like to thank each and every one of Keep Calm and Remember’s 151 followers. I started this blog back in February as a means of getting people interested in my writing, but it’s become so much more than that. I sincerely love sharing stories of the past and of my own life and ideas with you, and it both baffles and delights me that you seem to appreciate it!

Both my blog and my novel are based on my desire to raise awareness of the Eastern Front, and to encourage the respect of veterans and past sacrifices. Because those sacrifices are so great, I don’t think I can ever stop writing. I mean to continue Keep Calm and Remember active for years yet, and A Calling Above Oneself is the first of many novels you can expect from me in the future!



12 thoughts on “Coming Soon: My Debut Novel!

  1. It looks wonderful! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog posts. How exciting for you! I added a link to this blog post to a tweet, @LadyOfShalottMA and put it out tonight. Please keep us posted as to where and when your book will be available. I wish you all the best with your debut novel. Marcella :-))

    • Thanks so very much! I’m thrilled to hear of your interest in both my blog and my novel. Your kind words mean a lot to me! Keep an eye on this blog for more info on my novel, and I will keep you well-informed 🙂 And thanks for the Twitter mention- I appreciate the publicity!

    • Thank you, I hope my novel will not disappoint! For the time being, I am focusing on the Kobo platform; however, I wouldn’t rule out Kindle or other formats in the future. Thanks for the comment!

    • There are several books I’ve found both useful and fascinating! One is “Stalingrad” by Antony Beevor- it includes amazing research and is an honest account of terrible events. A good book on the Battle of Moscow is “The Greatest Battle” by Andrew Nagorski, and one of my go-to sources of information is “Hitler Versus Stalin” by John and Ljubica Erickson. It is full of wonderful photographs and is also well-researched and very detailed. Nicholas Bethell’s “Russia Besieged” is another useful book; it has a lot of rare photos inside which really interest me. Thanks for your comment!

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