All Set for Snow

Although the near-intolerable cold and literal mountains of snow that winter brings offer many reasons to be miserable, there are also reasons to rejoice. Only in the depths of winter can one wear fur coats and thick, knitted sweaters without looking a little loopy. Simple pleasures like steaming cups of tea with a side of a mince tart, or sitting still beside the fire with one’s dog are best enjoyed in the winter. Winter can drag on at the best of times, but there’s plenty to sustain us even when all outdoor life seems to have died!  All Set for Snow
Nothing exudes luxury and warmth more effortlessly than a fur coat. Quite conveniently, fur can also evoke a wonderful 1940s feel in any outfit! Indeed, when this fur coat is paired with a fine-knit emerald sweater dress, this look becomes ubiquitously ’40s. Sensible additions like the spacious Burberry handbag and chunky black boots follow the 1940s vein of practicality, which is perfect when today’s busy woman must also navigate snowy streets in sub-zero temperatures! Tortoiseshell sunglasses protect from the blinding glare of sun on snow, while red Bobbi Brown nail polish adds a lively contrast to the emerald dress. The timelessly-stylish scarf draws out the green of the dress, and its graphic pattern (so different from the rather delicate gold and pearl jewellery) adds interest. This look demonstrates how stylish and functional vintage style can be; it’s an outfit all set for snow!

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