Morning on the Moors

‘Tis the season for hunting in the UK- I’m sure that as I write, many tweed- and houndstooth-clad hunters are tramping through the moors and highlands in the pursuit of grouse, pheasant, and other gamebirds. Just in time for Christmas dinner! Regardless of how one feels about the idea of hunting, it is a sport steeped in tradition; and it also offers up some smashing fashion!Morning on the Moors
This look is inspired by traditional English hunting garb- although not as polished as something one might see on Regent Street, it has a surprising tone of refinement and would not look out of place in any fashion-conscious circle. A gorgeous houndstooth cape paired with an off-white blouse and tailored camel trousers offer both camouflage in the field and style on the street. A simple Burberry handbag and riding boots from the same quintessential British brand add more classically-inspired style. An Hermes scarf- similar to those worn by Her Majesty while horseback-riding- provides extra colour and protection from the fickle English weather. Gold and pearl jewellery is a necessary addition; it, along with the dramatic burgundy lipstick, prominently distinguishes this outfit from that of male hunters! The final touch of muted mauve nail polish mirrors the colour of heather on the moors, and is a trendy choice in an otherwise classic outfit. Add a speckled gundog to this ensemble, and one is ready for the hunt; add a pair of sunglasses, and one can stride with confidence along any London street!

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