A brief update on the status of my debut novel A Calling Above Oneself- it is now published and available to buy from! I am absolutely delighted to be sharing it with the world, and if you enjoy my blog, then I do hope you will consider purchasing the novel! For more info on A Calling Above Oneself, you can read this post or take a look at the new “Novels” page in the top right corner of my blog.

Publishing A Calling Above Oneself has been a very strange and long process. I actually wrote the novel for my Grade 12 English class, which was three whole years ago! Two months after finishing it, I began university; which hardly left me with an abundance of time. As a result, all my writing was put aside until my second university term was coming to an end- that’s when I decided that my present time at university (I was taking General Arts) was not what I wanted nor enjoyed. In April 2013 I decided to abandon my degree- it sounds drastic, but it was one of the most satisfying choices I’ve made- and pursue writing full-time.

The next 12 months were split between a university-level novel-writing course and writing the first draft of a second novel, which was also deeply satisfying! But once I’d indulged in that first draft, I knew it was time to get at the task of publishing the work that started it all. So from August until last week when I published the novel, my mum and I slogged through the confusing and contradictory mess of self-publishing for the first time! I’d better not elaborate on the frustration we both encountered- you would only be dismayed, and I would be left needing a comforting cup of tea at the very minimum!

Thankfully (and finally), all that trouble is over, and I will at least think I know what I’m doing when the time comes to publish again. Now that A Calling Above Oneself is published, I couldn’t be more delighted. I don’t think it’s gratuitous to say that I worked very hard on this book; and it is very special to me. I never used to think about what it would be like to be an author, but for me at least it is a truly personal thing. My novel speaks to who I am, and I feel as if my characters are some of my closest friends, so writing and publishing has been an interesting experience all around.

And I’m so grateful that anyone is interested in my writing; whether it’s my blog or my novel. Thank you for your support- every view and like this blog gets encourages me, and I’m still amazed that I have any readers at all. Whereas less than a year I was only an aspiring author and blogger, now I’m published with a surprisingly successful blog, and your support has definitely helped to achieve this. I hope that you will keep reading and enjoying my blog, and I hope I can share my novel with you as well!




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