True Glamour

An outfit with polish is impossible for me to resist. I think it’s always appropriate to be dressed up; in fact, I find days when I wear a slogan t-shirt and ugly jeans to be quite depressing, even if all I’m doing is sitting around at home! Sweatpants are made for working out, and in all other situations I avoid them like the plague. As well, I always wear earrings to the hockey rink- I take them off before I go on the ice, of course, but I feel that if I’m going to be seen by anyone then I should look at least slightly polished! That said, I never have anywhere to wear an outfit like this one. Here’s hoping that someday that will change!True Glamour
True Glamour by adairjacobs on Polyvore
This outfit is built on an irresistible foundation of vintage glamour. The black Lanvin dress has a faintly ’40s silhouette, which is accentuated by the fur shawl and vintage sapphire jewellery. Red lipstick and shimmering champagne-hued nail polish add to the appropriately fancy feel of this holiday look, and a deep blue clutch adds drama and draws attention to the sapphires in the jewellery. Finally, gold peep-toe heels are classic and stylish; and will keep the wearer semi-warm even when tiptoeing through frost and snow!

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