A Cosy Christmas

The appeal of rich, earthy colours, cosy textures, and a nostalgic feel can’t be overestimated when dressing in the colder months. Saturated tones like oxblood and olive green bring warmth to the sterile white that seems emblazoned on one’s mind in the winter, and knits and woolly textures are like wrapping oneself in a blanket- without the dubious style of that option! And adding a touch of the vintage or nostalgic to one’s outfit brings warmth to one’s heart, which is perfectly in keeping with the spirit of Christmas.A Cosy Christmas
This charmingly unpretentious holiday look fulfills all three of these categories! Muted red, cream, and olive colours are festive but won’t make one look like a candy cane, and touches of rich brown leather add a comfortable, homely feel. Oxford shoes, simple jewellery, and a pussy bow blouse are appropriate for the ’40s and contribute to this look’s sense of nostalgia. The carpetbag suggests a weekend away, perhaps with one’s extended family- surely a tradition for many families at Christmastime. The level of sophistication is upped slightly with the addition of gold nail polish; but all in all, this ensemble remains one of unadorned, welcoming charm.

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