Classic + Camo

Usually, my favoured fashions lean considerably towards the vintage; but not irregularly I find myself also wearing outfits that combine modern, classic, and military elements. There is always something that hints at the military in my outfits, and sometimes I go all-out and wear camouflage! I really can’t resist a nice bit of camo; and it’s amusing how a pattern designed to keep soldiers concealed invariably makes civilians stand out! Classic + Camo
Classic + Camo by adairjacobs on Polyvore
Today’s Polyvore set mirrors an outfit I wore on a night out last week- I wanted to look smart but not overly dressed-up, and seeing as the partying spirit of New Year’s was still fresh in my mind, I aimed for a fun and attention-grabbing look. To accomplish this, I started with my beloved blue camo jeans; and paired them with a classic trench coat. A simple black top allowed my statement pants and glittering gold jewellery to shine, and leather wedge boots were practical but also stylish. Continuity came through the deep blue crocodile-effect clutch, and the glamourous gold nail polish. Although this ensemble is decades removed from my usual ’40s-inspired aesthetic, it was still sufficiently put-together and military-esque that it felt truly me!

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