The Pioneer

Nothing captures my imagination more than aviation does, and one of the most appealing images of fashion also stems from the breathtaking pursuit of flight. In the 1930s and 1940s- my favourite historical period- aviation was truly beginning to move forward; and at the same time, women were starting to make names for themselves in traditionally male-dominated fields. As aviation progressed, women like Amelia Earhart, Amy Johnson, Marina Raskova, and Nadezhda Popova contributed to advancements in the field- while also wearing the distinctive and stylish fashions of the day!The Pioneer
The Pioneer by adairjacobs on Polyvore
The defining piece of this aviation pioneer’s look is the on-trend (and historically appropriate!) Burberry shearling coat, which can keep aviators and earthbound civilians alike warm and fashionable. A prim collared blouse paired with a military-style pencil skirt also conjures up images of the ’40s. Practicality is a necessary feature of any aviator’s outfit; and cute vintage-style heels, a leather satchel, and Ray-Ban Aviators fit the bill in this ensemble. But although female aviation pioneers were efficient and capable, they were also always chic- so I added a vibrant Art Deco-esque scarf from Hermes and vintage gold jewellery, plus burgundy nail polish as a finishing touch.  Everything about this ensemble alludes to the early days of aviation, and to the capability and style of the women who advanced this amazing field.

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