Always On My Mind…

I’m sure that every person has something close to their heart, that is with them every day and that can sometimes be hard to live without. For me, that thing is England. Over the past ten years, I’ve visited England eight times; and that, combined with my British heritage, has influenced a deep love for the country in my life. I’ve been there so many times and I identify so strongly with British culture that it seems I’m always yearning to be back there- I much prefer grey English days to the freezing Canadian winter, and even English food is much more comforting to me than its Canadian equivalent.

Fortunately, even though I’m not in England right now, it’s not all angst and longing. There are numerous things in my Canadian-based, British-inspired life that remind me of the homeland and keep me going on the tough days! I thought that I’d share some of these things with you today.

Crumpet and Cushion

My dog Crumpet is a crossbreed, but he looks like a perfect English spaniel- and a patriotic one at that!


Because of my laptop wrap, I’m in a British mood whenever I sit down to blog

Telegraph Page

The Daily Telegraph is my go-to website for British and international news!

Coronation Mug

Most posts on Keep Calm and Remember are fuelled by a good old cup of English tea


My room is full of references to the UK- the wall colour in particular reminds me of England, because it’s similar to a colour used in a Cambridge cottage I stayed in

Lanc Bomber Beer

On weekends- if it’s my brother’s turn to drive us to the hockey rink- I like to enjoy a traditional pint. If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine that I’m sitting in a pub…

World Cup Nails

If I’m really missing England and feel especially creative, I often create a patriotic manicure. I wore this St. George’s Cross design during the 2014 World Cup

Union Flag Top

Taking fashion cues from Rose Tyler always reminds me of the UK

M&S Top

One of my favourite tops I’ve ever owned was purchased at Marks and Sparks on Kensington High Street. It’s not terribly posh in origin, but five years later, I still love it!

English Earrings

I never return from the United Kingdom without one (or two, or three) pairs of new earrings! I also collect shopping bags from various British shops…

England is always on my mind, and always in my heart. Although I do believe I’ll be there someday, perhaps permanently, it is hard to be away for the present. Thankfully, there are endless things in my life that remind me of England; and so I don’t feel like England is ever out of reach.



6 thoughts on “Always On My Mind…

    • Thank you, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. And that’s funny- I suppose I do have quite a collection, I tend to bring at least two Union flag things back with me from every trip! Thanks for the comment!

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