Land of My Fathers

A lot of people I’ve met have said that the Rocky Mountains of Canada are the most magnificent natural wonder in the world. And for awhile I couldn’t have disagreed with them- I’ve visited the Rockies twice and both visits were incredible experiences that I still think about from time to time.

But then in 2011 I visited Snowdonia in North Wales, and that became one of the most memorable events of my life! Quite appropriately, Wales is the “Land of my Fathers”- my grandfather is from the south of Wales, and I’ve always liked the thought that I have Welsh blood and I hail in part from the land of daffodils and red dragons…

Ever since visiting Snowdonia four years ago, I’ve wanted to go back. So today I’m going to revisit those beautiful green hills and rocky, clouded mountains while also sharing them with you!

Welsh Mountain

This is just west of Conwy, a charming town that’s home to an extensive 13th-century castle

Welsh Tunnel

Hills like these stand guard along the coast, like natural fortresses

Welsh Houses

It would be quite something to live in a house beneath a mountain as imposing as this one!

Mine Activity

This was so moving- a seemingly abandoned mine on the shores of a lake

North Wales

More evidence of mining activity- after all, Wales is known for its mining and its sheep. To me, this photo looks like something out of “Lord of the Rings”

Welsh lake

Another peaceful lake

Welsh Lamb

I was rather taken with this funny little lamb!

Wales Outcropping

The contrast of rock and vegetation was stunning…

North Wales


…but as we gained altitude, things grew visibly wilder

Cloud Wales

Before long, we were in the clouds. I actually got chills. I had never seen anything so eerie yet beautiful

Wales Cloudy Lake

Speeding by a cloud-covered lake

Wales Rhododendrons

Rhododendrons are apparently becoming quite a menace in north Wales- but it must be said, they look gorgeous

Welsh Mountain

Overlooking a valley by the Sygun Copper Mine

Welsh mountain

The top of a mountain that I personally climbed… I was very proud of myself!

Welsh Mountain Path

The path to the top. It was very cold up there!

I still don’t think I’ve seen any landscape more striking than what I saw in north Wales. The entire atmosphere was so wild and almost forgotten, and I was so moved by it. I hope you got a sense of the awe I had from these photographs!


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