Let the Poppies Bloom Forever

Remembrance Day was almost 2 1/2 months ago- but as TV commentators and veterans always seem to say on November 11, remembrance isn’t only to be undertaken one day a year. I remember every day in both my thoughts and prayers, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. This isn’t about being good or virtuous; I believe that remembrance is the duty of all of us whose duty is not overseas. With that in mind, I created this outfit; which symbolizes sacrifice, duty, and above all, remembrance.Let the Poppies Bloom Forever
An olive drab skirt and sensible blouse reference the military, and a sombre black coat tempers the mood of this look. The ’40s- the decade which saw some 70 million people lose their lives to war- are included through the leather handbag, smart black shoes, and Hermes neckscarf. The jarring red of the lipstick and the deeper tone in the gold and garnet earrings recall the colour of both blood and gently blowing poppies; both of which were seen on the fields of Europe during the World Wars. An ensemble like this is a visible sign of remembrance, but any kind of remembrance is a worthy one. If we keep remembrance and reverence a part of our lives all the time and not just in November, then the poppies will truly bloom forever.

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