The Streets of England

England is a country of many wonderful things- including wonderful automobiles! I am a bit of a petrolhead (to use an expression from the classic British program Top Gear), so I always look out for beautiful and exotic cars whenever I’m travelling. And while I have travelled elsewhere, the most amazing cars I’ve ever seen have been in England! Here’s a collection of photos of some of those amazing cars- I hope you enjoy them!


A chrome Lamborghini, straight from Dubai. Definitely the flashiest car I’ve ever seen!

Painted London Cab

A traditional London cab painted in a very unique livery

Maserati Earls Court

Maseratis like this one are unusual in Canada, but commonplace on the streets of London

Kew Car

I wish I remember what type of car this was- it’s adorable!

Land Rover

Land Rovers are a true British classic… even driven by Her Majesty herself!

Defender Shrewsbury

An example of an older Land Rover, seen here in Shrewsbury

E-Type Ironbridge

The Jaguar E-Type has to be one of the most attractive vehicles ever designed


Caterhams are usually seen at track days, but this one was driving round the cobbled back streets of Shrewsbury!

Aston Shrewsbury

An Aston Martin DB9- Astons have been used in multiple James Bond films


What a fantastic- and enormous!- car this vintage Rolls-Royce is

Car Fountains Abbey

This unique motor is a Morris Minor Traveller, which originated in the 1950s

TVR Greenwich

This Rotherhithe home is completed by a TVR sportscar in the driveway!

I never know just what kind of cars I’ll see when I travel to England- but I can always be sure I won’t be disappointed! The roads there are full of people carriers, transit vans, and compact hatchbacks, but it seems that there’s also a supercar around every corner! For me, that makes any trip to England an utterly awesome and complete experience.


4 thoughts on “The Streets of England

  1. Love British cars! After we returned to the States, my husband bought an old British convertible and joined a British car club, just to keep that love going! Also, we used to see a little car similar to that taupe two seater around our town in Yorkshire–not sure if it was the same make, but that car was (oddly enough) a Nissan. I always figured it must have been a remake-riff on a classic.

    • Wow, that is amazing! It must be wonderful to own a British car and to be in the company of others who do the same! Funny about that Nissan, too… thanks for commenting!

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