A Proper English Saturday…

I always feel fabulous on Saturday mornings. Usually I get to sleep in at least slightly, and once I do wake up, it’s straight to the TV to watch some Barclay’s Premier League football! Plus, I don’t have to think about my diet on Saturdays- since I play a strenuous game of hockey every Saturday night, I allow myself to enjoy food other than salad and fish on weekends!

This past Saturday morning was especially enjoyable, since my dad cooked a full English breakfast for me! The classic full English is one of my favourite meals, and although I don’t have it often, it always reminds me of England.

Full English Drinks

Some relevant reading accompanied my morning tea and orange juice

A full English can sometimes rival the size and calorie count of a twelve-course Victorian meal- but my full English is usually more selective. Last Saturday, it consisted of fried bread, toast, scrambled eggs, tinned beans, and lovely crispy bacon.

Full English

There’s really no meal more comforting- or filling- than a full English breakfast!

Full English Remnants

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I always have trouble finishing my plate!

This delicious breakfast was accompanied by tea (naturally!) and a game of football- my favourite Premier League team, Arsenal, was playing. For a wistful Brit like me, there could be no better way to spend a Saturday morning!

Full English Football

Arsenal lost, but I still enjoyed the match and had a proper English Saturday!


2 thoughts on “A Proper English Saturday…

    • Don’t worry, I can explain… I dislike both tomatoes and mushrooms, and the mere thought of black pudding makes my stomach turn! I make up for it at Christmastime, however; I always show willing and swallow down some brussels sprouts and swede although I dislike them just as much!

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