An Evening at the Academy

Tomorrow evening the 87th Academy Awards will be held in Hollywood, so of course it’s only appropriate for me to create a vintage-inspired Oscar-worthy outfit to share with you! I’m endlessly inspired by the glamour of Old Hollywood and the classy, elegant fashions of the 1930s and ’40s; and I really think there’s no better way to dress (especially for such a prestigious event as the Oscars) than by referencing these decades!An Evening at the Academy
An ivory dress from the 1930s has a timeless silhouette and detailing that’s eye-catching yet not overwhelming; and dramatic contrast is introduced through the black fur capelet and black handbag. Peep-toe sandals in a ravishing gold colour add glitz and a further touch of vintage style. Finally, dashes of rich red in the nail polish and amazing ruby jewellery give a luxurious feel which truly befits an event with the history and repute of the Academy Awards!

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