Sitting in an English Garden: Powis 2011

Except for a rather confused phase of stark modernism in my preteen years, my style has always been one that appreciates symmetry, classicism, and anything traditional. That must be why I so deeply appreciated the breathtaking Baroque gardens and grounds of Powis Castle, which I was fortunate enough to visit in the summer of 2011. Located in Wales, Powis Castle is a truly Welsh castle- built by a Welsh dynasty instead of by the conquering English. I guess that, in this case, my series title isn’t too accurate!


The courtyard of Powis Castle

Powis’s gardens are also unique, as they are a rare example of true Baroque design in the United Kingdom. The drive to Powis (through lovely rolling hills and fields on a bright June day) was amazing, and the view once I arrived was even more incredible. The gardens at Powis make the most of its steep terrain by utilizing terraces borrowed from Italian garden design, and they make for a striking setting and a beautiful view.


Parts of the lawn were steep indeed!


This classically-inspired wall almost looks Mediterranean rather than Welsh

I absolutely loved the setting, and touring the various terraces and formal gardens was a real treat. Better still, the weather was unparalleled- it might have been the nicest day I saw on my entire three-week trip to the UK!


The terraces of Powis Castle


I loved this hedged garden- it was so organized and restrained!


Another sight that looks as if it could be straight out of Italy

My mum and I enjoyed strolling through the gardens and marvelling at the flora, while my brother was more interested in charging up and down the hills around the castle. Either pursuit was pleasing to me, however! Powis was such a lovely place that I wanted to enjoy it in as many ways as I could.


I’ve never seen such ravishing poppies!


A gigantic allium


There were lots of vines and climbing plants at Powis, like this honeysuckle

In the shadow of the castle and its terraces there were several other buildings, all surrounded by charming gardens themselves. It seemed bizarre that Powis is so close to the so-called “Desert of Wales”, because everything here was verdant and in full bloom!


Add climbing, flowering plants and a building instantly becomes twice as pretty!


The grounds of the castle are home to various wildlife- like deer and peacocks


The view up to the castle, in all its splendour

I would truly love to go back to Powis Castle! Of course, due to its amazing gardens and grounds it must be most impressive in the summertime, but the setting itself and the interior of the castle are gorgeous as well. This was one of the most memorable and dramatic gardens I’ve ever seen, and once I have a garden of my own I’m sure I’ll be taking some tips from Powis!



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