The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring

Now that it’s springtime (in name if not in weather), I can finally start creating some charming spring outfits! The following Polyvore set is more frilly and soft than the deep colours and military tailoring that I usually prefer, but it’s still very vintage and it captures the delightful nature of spring. The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring
I kept the overall colour scheme light, with only a few dark accents, to reflect the brightening days and light colours traditionally associated with springtime. And I imagined this as a teatime look; a job for which the delicate 1930s teadress is ideal! A pale leather handbag and vintage-style shoes add to the look but don’t compete with the dress; and the gold jewellery adds a bolder touch to keep the ensemble from being too saccharine. Red lipstick and tortoiseshell glasses add the perfect vintage finishing touches to an outfit made for the warmer days and cheerful spirit of spring!

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