My London Itinerary

It’s hard for me to believe, but in one week exactly I will be breathing in diesel fumes and perhaps dodging raindrops as I enjoy the first day of my vacation in London! I’ve hardly thought about the upcoming trip until now- but now it’s on my mind, and I’m making up for the delay in my excitement! Here’s an incomplete list of some of the things I’ll be doing in London:

HMS Belfast


Image from Wikimedia Commons, attributed to Alvesgaspar. CC-BY-SA 3.0

The HMS Belfast is going to be awesome! I’ve been past it so many times, both on land and by river, and I’m delighted that finally I’m about to tour it. I’ve heard great things about the ship’s museum experience, but it has enough history that it could be an empty shell and I’d still have a brilliant time!

Cabinet War Rooms

Cabinet War Rooms

Image from Wikimedia Commons, attributed to Porcupine. Attribution 3.0

Built beneath Whitehall for both secrecy and safety, the Cabinet War Rooms are another attraction I’ve always been aware of yet never visited. Now with my intense interest in World War II, it’s the perfect time for me to see them!


Pub Interior

Image from Wikimedia Commons, attributed to Ashley Pomeroy. Public domain

If you work behind the bar of a pub in or around central London, then chances are you may see me next week! I have a detailed list of pubs I want to visit, and I’m sure that many unplanned stops will also occur. There’s nothing more comforting and welcoming than a good pub, and I think that the friendly pub atmosphere might even convince my mum to have a pint or two! We’ll see about that, though… well, as long as I get a pint, I’ll be happy!

The Emirates


Image from Wikimedia Commons, attributed to Dsims209. Public domain

No, I’m not going to Dubai- I’m going to Arsenal’s home ground instead! Not inside, mind you; even self-guided tours of the Emirates Stadium cost £20 and as much as I love Arsenal, I’m not about to spend £20 just to see a dressing room and walk onto a pitch. I can’t wait to just see the stadium, though!

Sir John Soane’s Museum


Image from Wikimedia Commons. Attributed to Acroterion. CC-BY-SA 3.0

I love collecting and accumulating things, so I think this museum will really speak to me. It’s also going to be fascinating to get a glimpse of not only Georgian life, but of artifacts from the Middle Ages and earlier as well.


Regent St

Image from via Wikimedia Commons. Attributed to aurélien. CC-BY-SA 2.0

Thanks to a fortuitous temporary job, at which I’ve been working nearly full-time and which pays much more dependably than writing does for the moment, I actually have a decent amount of money to spend in London! I’m not kidding myself that I’ll be able to afford anything from Burberry or Victoria Beckham, but I’ll certainly browse the high street and secondhand shops as well. I can’t wait to see what I’ll find!

The Orangery


Image from Wikimedia Commons, attributed to Steve Cadman. CC-BY-SA 2.0

This will be a real treat- my mum and I are going to have afternoon tea at Kensington Palace’s Orangery! This is a very posh place indeed, and it will be so wonderful to have tea in the middle of Kensington Gardens in springtime!

While I’m away, I won’t be posting anything- but I promise I will make up for it once I get back! There’s so much I’m excited about doing in London, and I’m really looking forward to posting about it all once I’m home. I hope you’ll stay tuned!


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