The London Spirit

London’s very much on my mind at the moment- after all, I’ll be there in just over two days! This Polyvore set combines my preoccupation with London and something else that takes up a lot of my thoughts: World War II. It celebrates the spirit of London during the Blitz; people’s determination to go on with their lives never wavered even as their city was being assaulted from above every night.The London Spirit
The key to this look is the businesslike 1940s skirt suit. It exudes confidence and strength, combined with truly authentic style! A burgundy handbag adds a secondary colour to the scheme (and also plays off the colours of the Union flag), and polished jewellery reminds that even nightly bombing raids are no excuse to go out looking shabby! Ladylike touches, which were never forgotten in the ’40s, are introduced through the attractive shoes and the hat. The ensemble is finished with a smart pair of driving gloves, and some red lipstick and nail polish. I feel that this outfit embodies the spirit of wartime London; and I think that this spirit hasn’t been totally forgotten in modern-day London either. Londoners continue to soldier on with their daily lives; in the face of nonstop rain, irritating and omnipresent roadworks, or even true tragedy. Long live the London spirit!

2 thoughts on “The London Spirit

    • It has such a unique atmosphere! I, too, was very glad… I’ve experienced so much rain in London that it was lovely to have sun for a change. Thanks for reading!

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