Memorials of London: Part One

Wherever I go, I never want to miss a war memorial. Even in Canada, almost every community has one; and in England, war memorials are even more prevalent. So as I travelled around London last month, I kept my eyes open for anything commemorating a war- and I was not disappointed! The following is a collection of photographs of all the memorials seen on the first half of my trip; and Part Two will follow before long!

Greenwich Memorial

It was shocking to think that 20,000 men were buried in the lush green grounds around us at Greenwich

Holborn Memorial

A memorial to the Royal Fusiliers, on High Holborn

St Bart's Memorial

Located at St. Bartholomew’s gatehouse near Smithfield Market, this memorial commemorated casualties of WWI

St Bart's

A surprisingly pristine wreath was still lying near the memorial

Parliament Memorial

Parliament Street’s stately memorial to the glorious dead

Canadian Memorial

The Canadian War Memorial in Green Park was something I was really looking forward to seeing, and it was wonderful in person.

Green Park Memorial

An amazing collection of wreaths adorned the gazebo that’s part of a memorial at the edge of Green Park

Green Park Memorial

Flanking the gazebo were two stone slabs; one commemorating the campaigns of World War One…

Green Park Memorial

… and the other focusing on the Second World War’s campaigns.

These memorials, although often tucked away in corners or set alongside busy streets, seemed to still be appreciated as they should be. They all had wreaths or flowers laid nearby, and as I was taking pictures of them I saw many people pause to observe them as well. I was so happy to see that these memorials are continuing to help us remember, and they made my vacation all the more meaningful.


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