V for Victory

Today is VE Day to most people in the West, but because I’m so interested in the Eastern Front I tend to think of May 9 as Victory Day. This is always a special day for me; because it’s the day that saw an end to the struggle of a great nation in World War II. The Soviet Union suffered some of WWII’s largest and most inhumane losses, and the original Victory Day 70 years ago was the reward for the Soviet people’s fortitude and tenacity throughout this horrendous time. So much horror occurred on the Eastern Front from 1941 to 1945– you can click on these links to find out more about Operation Barbarossa and the Eastern Front! V for Victory
V for Victory by adairjacobs on Polyvore
This Polyvore set commemorates this 70th Victory Day by mirroring what female Red Army soldiers wore during the Great Patriotic War; and by adding a few more frivolous touches in the spirit of celebration! A simple blue skirt and and olive drab jacket were worn by many a soldier, but the pussy bow blouse adds a more fashionable feel to the utilitarian separates. A leather satchel and black leather boots are unfussy additions; and the pilotka sidecap was a wartime staple that remains popular even today among those attending Russia’s Victory Day celebrations. Intricate gemstone earrings reflect the mood of celebration, while also bringing to mind the folk crafts and iconography of Russian culture. Finally, blood red nail polish is fashionable and appropriate for the era– but more importantly, through its colour it symbolizes the immense sacrifices which ensured that there was a Victory Day in the end. I hope that this outfit befits an occasion as joyful, momentous, and poignant as this 70th Victory Day.

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