A Post of Vanity

This post is something that’s a few miles out of my comfort zone. Despite the title, I don’t consider myself a vain person; it’s true that I always take pride and care in my appearance, but I think that’s down to self-consciousness and fear of being ridiculed rather than pure vanity. And I hate having my picture taken– in photographs, I always feel I could look better. Plus, I hate to pose while feeling that everyone is looking at me.

I don’t have the greatest confidence in my outward appearance, and I know that in our ugly modern world many people feel the same way about themselves. That’s a shame, but I suppose it’s a battle we all have to face. And with this post, I’m facing it. As I looked through all my photos from London, I found myself either scrutinizing or quickly skipping over every picture which I appeared in; and that’s not a very nice way to be! So here are a bunch of photos of me in London– I was proud and delighted to be there, and not even qualms about how I appear should cheapen that!

Me St James

Revelling in the sunshine at St. James’s Park… how amusing that I am as white as the swans beside me…

Me The Dove

London Pride and an incredible burger at The Dove in Hammersmith… and I managed to eat it all!!

Me The Belfast

Peering up at the 6″ aft guns of the HMS Belfast

London 2015 Adair 854


Looking a bit windswept and dishevelled is a requisite when touring a ship moored in the Thames

Me The Orangery

Feeling posh at The Orangery at Kensington Palace… their afternoon tea was such a delightful experience!





6 thoughts on “A Post of Vanity

  1. We too often think about what a photo of our self means to our self. Perhaps it would be better to consider what a photo can mean to someone else. I personally feel that a photo of someone I know is a memory of that person. A photo of a loved one is even more precious. As a genealogy buff, photos of the ancestors that I never knew are one of my prized artifacts. They make my personal history exactly that; personal.
    I have had, what I consider to be, horrible photos taken of myself. But someday, and to someone, they may speak more of who I am than a perfect studio photo.

    • That’s a great perspective, which I never even considered. I wonder what my descendants will think of all the photographs of myself that I’ve hated! Thanks for the comment!

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