Beauty at the Beach

Summer is here, and that means days of relaxation at the park or the beach! Even in the dark days of the 1940s, when war enveloped Europe and the rest of the world, people made the most of these simple pleasures. This outfit follows that spirit, and is something I would be only too happy to wear!Beauty at the Beach
Nautical is the way to go when it comes to a beach outfit– it’s classic and appealing, and was popular in the ’40s. And in that vein, this ensemble delivers! A blue and white striped top paired with tailored sailor shorts creates a fun base for the practical straw accessories. Strappy leather sandals satisfy both today’s trends and the fads of the ’40s; making this look from the past also relatable in the present day. Glittering gold jewellery and red lipstick add an extra level of sophistication, and ensure that this beach look will stand out!

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