Sandringham Style

Throughout the years, the monarchy in England has not only set laws but also fashion trends. Elizabeth I encouraged the obsession with pale skin and tiny waists in the 1500s; and nowadays newspapers, magazines, and TV programs are full of references to the Duchess of Cambridge’s influence. It seems that nothing Kate wears fails to sell out! And while Kate does have a wonderful sense of style, I must say that I still prefer Her Majesty the Queen’s fashion choices. Even at 89 years old, Queen Elizabeth II is always impeccably dressed– she looks as distinguished and fashionable as she did as a young woman. I admire Her Majesty greatly; and for reasons other than the vain one of fashion.Sandringham Style
This outfit is inspired by the Queen’s style at Sandringham, where she can be seen riding horses and driving Land Rovers. I find it admirable that she looks just as well put-together while enjoying the outdoors as she does at fancy state functions! Riding trousers and a smart Burberry blazer are the foundation for this look, which is livened up with glimmering vintage jewellery and an appropriately equestrian Hermes scarf. Riding boots and a leather handbag mesh well with the general humility of the outfit, and deep green nail polish is an homage to the beauty of England’s countryside. I think that Her Majesty has been a proper style icon for over six decades, and this ensemble shows why!

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