My Kind of Friday

Indisputably, the weekend starts at 5 pm on a Friday. And although I love the weekend, Fridays themselves have never been that special for me. Friday nights were usually just another quiet evening spent at home or out running errands; and there’s nothing remotely weekend-ish about that! But the past few weeks, a friend from work and I have been going out on Friday after work. After a hectic day of answering phones and advising customers for her and cleaning cars and driving about for me, we go out for supper and a visit. It’s brilliant to socialize and spend time with a friend, and it’s also nice to have the opportunity to switch from my grubby work clothes to something more polished!My Kind of Friday


Last night we went to get our nails done professionally– a first for us both! And since it was something of a girls’ night, I wanted to look put-together; but I’d just spent nine hours on my feet in a hot garage and I also desperately needed to be comfortable! So I went for a casual yet vintage-inspired look, including denim capris mixed with modest peep-toe shoes and an olive green puffed-sleeve top. Vintage pearl jewellery added a touch of class and sophistication, and my choice of nail polish also complemented the outfit. It was my favourite, fail-safe, yet timeless shade of deep red which makes me feel very Forties indeed! Now I think I’m making the most of my Fridays, and I can’t wait for next week!

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