Visiting the Emirates

It can be hard being a football fan in North America. Working full time for minimum wage means that I have neither the time nor the funds to indulge in watching as much football as I’d like, since I’d have to buy a substantial TV subscription in order to do that! But I still love Arsenal (and Newcastle and Swansea follow not-so-closely behind; my family hails from the North and from Wales), and I try to watch as many of their matches as I can.

My brother finds football boring, as I used to as well– I remember shaking my head with him as our Grandad extolled the virtues of the beautiful game! But now I love football, and I was determined to visit Arsenal’s home ground on my latest trip to London. It was something different to do and it was neat to visit something further afield from central London. I’m glad my mum humoured me and agreed to spend an entire precious morning visiting the Emirates!

Holloway Road

My first glimpse of the Emirates, as we headed away from Holloway Road Tube station


The glorious Emirates Stadium, branded very much with Arsenal in mind

The stadium was so impressive– I was surprised at the size, since I’d never been beside a football stadium before. It was covered in Arsenal logos and photographs, and it is an unmissable fixture of the area.


A pair of cannons add much to the Arsenal-themed atmosphere!

Flats near Arsenal

I imagine the tenants of these blocks of flats must see and hear it all come match day…

Arsenal Sign

A notice on one of the stadium doors warns most appropriately against the wearing of away colours

My mum and I walked around the perimeter of the whole stadium– it was quite a jaunt. It was very interesting because there were dog-walkers, joggers, and locals also walking around the outside; the Emirates seems to be fully embraced as not just a sports ground but also somewhere to meet and enjoy.


Wojciech Szczesny, Arsenal’s then-goalkeeper, is my favourite player

Around the perimeter there were many banners celebrating Arsenal’s achievements and famous players from past and present. Although I only started watching football about five years ago, I was proud to see that my team has been successful and illustrious for years upon years.

FA Cup

I remember watching the FA Cup last year– a match which Arsenal won!


Kieran Gibbs is my second-favourite Arsenal player

Visiting the Emirates was a unique experience, and I’m really glad I decided to go. Next up on my list is attending an actual Arsenal match– I’d better start saving my money now!!

Arsenal Sign




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