Ready to Rock!

You’ve all likely gotten used to me posting refined outfits from the ’30s and ’40s on this blog– well, today you’re in for something of a shock! Last night I attended a concert featuring legendary hard rock band the Scorpions; and I got into the spirit of things by wearing a bold ’80s-inspired ensemble. I love dressing for occasions, and last night was no different. The Scorpions are my favourite band and I was beyond excited to see them perform; so here was a perfect opportunity to have some fun with my fashion! I was determined to conform to the standard rock-band look of leather and jeans while also retaining my own personal style!Ready to Rock


Ready to Rock by adairjacobs on Polyvore
This look took some planning– I spent much of my time at work yesterday thinking of what I was going to wear! Fortunately, by the time I was home it was all straight in my head. I started with the simple yet rocking combination of moto-style jeans and a black T-shirt, paired with a purple leather jacket. I feel so ’80s when I wear my purple jacket– it just feels very excessive and loud, as I believe the ’80s were! I also wore high-heeled moto-style boots, which were stylish but not so comfortable to stand in for a two-hour concert! But at least I looked good…
Further ’80s touches came through in Wayfarer-look sunglasses and geometric silver jewellery. I did, however, attempt to retain some of my more vintage-inspired aesthetic with a faux crocodile handbag and a classic oxblood manicure. I certainly did not feel out of place at the Scorpions concert, and I doubt I looked it either!

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