Someday: A Poem

Towards the end of July I worked on some poetry again– something which is now often neglected since I’ve been working so much. But at the time I was feeling very inspired, and I came up with what I hope are some decent poems. This is one of them, and it’s quite a departure from my usual strictly metred rhyming poetry. With Someday (as with many of my other poems), I was writing with the voice of a Red Army soldier; but through this poem’s nonexistent rhymes and differing metre I wanted to make it sound as if it had been written originally in Russian and translated to its current English form. The inspiration for doing this came mainly from Alexander Tvardovsky’s poem I was Killed near Rzhev. His poem is amazingly expressive even in English, and as a poem it works even after translation. I hope I created what I set out to create with Someday, and I hope you enjoy it.


Someday I shall look across these fields and see

Machines of war rusted and thrown away

They shall be the corpses

Which number in millions from here to the Dnepr

Instead of my brothers,

Who populate the Soviet graveyard now.

Someday I shall hear the birds remembered from childhood

And not the screaming rockets and screaming men

Which haunt me ceaselessly

There will be no sound of sadness, save for

The mothers who endure

And mourn in the dawn their children bought.

Someday the only loss will be whatever we wish to recall

And we will be rich,  not hungry

Like the listless prisoners

Whom I cannot number, but only imagine

In the western expanses

Which remain ours, though inhabited by the Hun.

Someday we will be able to smile again, with dry eyes

And the only scars will be wrinkles on our faces

Scars that will never

Grace the faces of the dead, who forever

Will stay silent and young

And scattered like dust across all of Russia.

Someday we will see the morning, instead of only night

There will be sun on our land, instead of dark grey

Some of us will live

To see this day, and some of us will die for it

And my only question is

When will someday be today?


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